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With the increasing back-log in courts and protracted delays in getting reached for hearings, lawyers should consider using the benefits of mediation or settlement facilitation early in the litigation process.

Some issues can be mediated, such as the Parenting Plan, while the discovery continues on complex property issues. In the event there are several property issues that can be segregated from the balance of the issues, such issues can be resolved through a settlement conference. The likelihood of then successfully settling the remaining issues is greatly increased.

Another option for attorneys to consider is the vehicle of arbitration. Many issues can be handled in a cost-effective manner in a quick, one-day mini trial before an arbitrator.

I am offering my services to the Bar as a Mediator, Settlement Facilitator, and Arbitrator. The cost of such services are minor compared to the alternatives. I have been a licensed attorney in Texas since l965 and in New Mexico since l995. I have been a Fellow in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers since 1977.

I have handled complex litigation for 43 years, have taught at the University of Texas Law School and Baylor Law School, and have written and lectured extensively. I know I can be of assistance to you in easing your caseload and helping you to resolve your complex litigation issues. I look forward to visiting with you.

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